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What’s new for 2017?

Testing mental health treatments in countries affected by conflict: CLICK HERE

An electronic version of PSYCHLOPS is now available through the CORE IMS website. It is currently being piloted and we are looking for organisations who would like to help with piloting. For further details, click on the Electronic PSYCHLOPS tab above.

WHO are now piloting PSYCHLOPS as an outcome measure as part of their ‘Problem Management Plus’ intervention:

Since 2015, all access to PSYCHLOPS has been available free of charge (‘copyleft’).


We have funding for a pioneer project for a group of up to ten therapists who would like to use an electronic version of PSYCHLOPS and CORE-Net over a one-year period.

The idea is to develop a learning system based around new approaches to measurement in mental health and to share the learning in quarterly meetings based at King’s College London.

Therapists would have to commit to using both mental health outcome measures on a regular basis over the course of a year and to attend quarterly meetings. The meetings would be run by Professor John Mellor-Clark and Dr Mark Ashworth. In return, you would be part of a new way of combining electronic patient-generated and standardised measures and work out how both can be used to maximise the potential of talking therapy. We would fund travel and expenses.

If you are interested, please contact me on: mark.ashworth@kcl.ac.uk