PSYCHLOPS is a short one page mental health outcome measure and can be used during the course of any psychotherapeutic intervention.

A copy of the PSYCHLOPS scoring system is available:

Psychlops - how to calculate change scores.xls

Psychlops_Scoresheet v2.doc

You may need to right click and "save as" to download the documents.


PSYCHLOPS promotes a patient-centred definition of therapy outcome. It is patient-generated and can be self-completed.

PSYCHLOPS has questions on Problems, Function and Wellbeing. Patients are asked to describe their main Problem or Problems and how this affects them (Function). Responses to all questions are scored.

PSYCHLOPS may be used as a means of setting a focus for therapy from the outset.

PSYCHLOPS is not intended as a diagnostic instrument; it is a highly sensitive measure of change during the course of psychotherapeutic interventions.

PSYCHLOPS captures data before, during and after a course of therapy. Change can be measured throughout the process of therapy, whether or not therapy is completed.

PSYCHLOPS has been approved by the Plain English Campaign and carries the 'Crystal Mark'.